Frozen Sentinal

Hersteller: Unbekannt (Marvel)

Maßstab: Unbekannt 

Material: Vinyl?



 Text und Fotos © 2010 Ethan den Boer | Screen Name im SFMForum : Beork

The remains of one of the fiercest enemies of the X-Men and mutants in general. Defeated and broken, left to rust in the wilderness.
There was not much to build, this is a 3-piece wall plaque I once bought cheap at a secondhand shop. It stripped it of the previous paint, added some details and repainted it. I had it laying in wait for a while to try out new techniques until I noticed this competition, so tried new techniques + snow effects. For an indication of size, the piece is about 17x12cm and about 8cm high.
I used Citadel acrylics mostly, multiple layers of different browns for the rust over a metal underlayer using hairspray to strip the rust partly. After sealing I sprayed hairspray again and painted it purple, which was stripped again. All metals are Citadel, some almost dried from ages of non-painting. Snow was done using Sodium-bicarbonate from mixed with white paint and wood-glue. Some Sodium Carbonate was sprinkled on top after applying.
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