Sensemann im Schnee



Hersteller: Hobbybase

Maßstab: 1:35 

Material: Spritzguss

Basis: Kunststoffdeckel u.v.a.

 Text und Fotos © 2010 Ethan den Boer | Screen Name im SFMForum : Beork

One of the most elite units of the SDR is the totenkopf squad, this melusine is piloted by Stephan Graf call-sign 'Sensenmann'.
The rookie of the squad he only 'reaped' 3 enemy units and is always put on guard duty as a way of initiation.

This model is a refitted 1/35 Melusine from the collectors series, the cables were replaced and the stance altered to what it is now. Some minor details were added which, I am proud to say, don't stand out.
I had to scratch the handle/firing mechanism for the panzerfaust, as I broke off the original.
The model was pre-painted in green camouflage, but this didn't fit the theme. ID bands were repainted and the green touched up from where it was damaged from modification. Decals were added and the whole model was given a dirt was and seal of future floor wax.
Hairspray was applied and the whole model painted white (except ID bands), the the white was faded by rubbing it off gently, and stronger where I wanted more damage.
The model was sealed again and then given a few dirt washes.
Then at the end, some snow was applied and the whole thing coated in testors dullcoat.
The base was given multiple dirt washes with an oily colour to achieve this effect, the original colour was reddish brown.
The base is a cap from a safety bottle used at laboratories which I got from a colleague. A layer of putty was used to create a basic ground structure, which was painted, and the covered in snow. The tree and branches are from a dried bonsai my wife got me once.
Snow was done using Sodium bi-carbonate. 
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