Living Snow

Hersteller: Citadel (Games Workshop) u.a.

Maßstab: 28 mm

Material: Spritzguss u.v.a.



 Text und Fotos © 2010 Ethan den Boer | Screen Name im SFMForum : Beork

As the battle-wizard left the Shamans' house disgusted with the vague predictions and useless information he was offered, the Shaman gave one last warning: "Beware not of the dead, in these passes the snow is very much alive"
The diorama depicts a battle-wizard and few of his men encountering a snow-golem. Snow-golems are nigh-on indestructible in cold regions, only severe damage to the human parts used to give it life (usually a skull and spine) can take it down. The men in the diorama can be counted as dead.
The wizard and companions are Bretonnian men-at-arms from the citadel line of miniatures. The wizard got some modification, but not much. As he was meant as a battle wizard, he is dressed in armor as the rest of his men. No special wizard thingies other than the staff. I put him at the back to set him more apart (although he looks a bit cowardly now...) The golem is based around an old metal daemon prince, also citadel line, which was reposed somewhat and covered in globs of putty.
The skull and spine are from plastic models, I think citadel also) which I found in my spares box. I once saw a clay golem model with an absurdly overhung small head. I liked this idea enough to try and create it myself.
The golem was painted white, then blue from dark to light with a final few coats of white.
The blue of the base layer shines through in the lower areas, to emphasize magic and coldness. I tried to do some source lighting on the eyes of the skull, but not to successful. The whole model, except the spine and skull, was covered in glue and snow, some of which was brushed off later.
The men were painted with the colors at hand, chosen to contrast with the snow. Decals are from the bretonnian box.

The base is a plastic picture frame I 'borrowed' from my son and filled with putty to get the inside up to height.
Stones are just that, stones, repainted to be more like rock. The trees are some scraps of bush I found outside. Snow was done with Sodium bi-carbonate, somewhat messed up where the men have walked. 
I wanted to add another golem rising from the snow, but didn't have the space. The base was painted black with a gloss layer, but my wife dropped it while it was drying so it has some damage...
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